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Mandatory Posing w/ Chris Barnett

Mandatory Posing w/ Chris Barnett

  • 1 session - $65 - Buy 
  • 3 Sessions - $130 - Buy
  • 6 Sessions - $260 - Buy

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What's Included

  • 30 minute one-on-one video call
  • Needs assessment (brand new first session clients only)—I run them through their mandatories and let me know what needs work
  • Every pose we build from the ground up with learning cues—starting with general and evolving into more customized ones over sessions
  • Post-session, I always provide before/afters of the session + feedback
  • All posing clients have me as a resource as well (24/7 text access) and can submit posing check-ins for my feedback which I’ll give in the form of text, annotated photos of them, drawings, and/or voice messages depending