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Avoid the "bro science" and the outdated approaches that have no place in today's fitness space and transform your body and mindset with our evidence-based online fitness coaching systems. Get guidance, accountability, and results that last.

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What's included?

  • Meal plan
  • Training plan
  • Cardio regimen 
  • Supplement regimen
  • Check- Ins every 10 days
  • 24/6 text communications 
  • Community where you can get to know the other athletes and learn more about fitness and nutrition

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Jarek Crew

In 2013 I found a passion for Health and Fitness. 1 year later, I sought out knowledge in resistance training and nutrition. In 2015 I began preparing for my first NPC show where I placed first and overall in the men's physique division. After 4 shows as an amateur, I felt I was ready for my first national show in Teaneck New Jersey in 2018 where I obtained my pro card as a classic physique competitor at my very first national showing. I took a year off to improve to compete with the big boys and placed 2nd at my pro-debut at the tail end of 2020 at the Chicago pro. In 2021 was proposed with an invite to compete at one of the most prestigious shows in bodybuilding, the Arnold Classic. 

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Terrence Ruffin

I’m Terrence Ruffin, but you can call me Coach Ruff. I’m an IFBB professional Classic Physique athlete, Airforce veteran, two-time Arnold Classic champion, and two-time silver medalist at Mr. Olympia.

I got my pro card while serving in the military by embracing every aspect of the journey. Struggles and all. I believe that a person’s mental health should be at the forefront of their training regimen to make their fitness journey a positive experience they want to hold onto for life.

I’ve spent the last decade competing in bodybuilding competitions worldwide and expanding my knowledge by completing the ISSA Master Trainer Course, Resistance Training Specialization Course, J3 University, and Precision Nutrition. 

Masters Degree Exercise Science

Alan Murphy

My love for bodybuilding started at the age of 15 when I began lifting. I was always inspired by the physiques of guys in magazines and Greek statues. I lifted for a few years but didn’t start competing until my enlistment in the U.S. Army. I was 21 when I did my first show in the Classic Physique division (during the first year it was introduced). After stepping on stage, I was addicted. Unfortunately, my love for bodybuilding far outweighed my love for military life, so I decided to get out (honorably) after my 4-year enlistment. From there I went to school and graduated with my bachelors and master’s degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition from the University of Tampa. Since I first stepped on stage, I have competed in 4 shows , all in the Classic Physique division.

Aaren Hilson

Since I was just a kid, fitness has always been a part of my life. Luckily I had a father who wanted me to stay active and put my energy towards things that would only help me progress in life. From grade school up until high school I fell in love with bodybuilding, so much to the point where I would only play sports to use the weight room. From then on, it helped me stay grounded and very conscious of not only the way that I looked, but the way I felt because with each week, month, and year as long as you stay on the path of health and wellness you will only continue to get better and be very appreciated of how far you’ve came. With this love for fitness, it has helped me have huge successes in competitive bodybuilding competing in 3 NPC shows with my last show being a class win at the Arnold Amateur and with good faith a pro card in the near future