Contest Prep

Are you having trouble building the muscle you need or getting the conditioning required to stand out on stage? Here at Iron Eden, we pride ourselves on bringing out the best in our athletes. While using an evidence approach, which means pairing science with what we've seen work in the real world, we will make sure you make it to the stage with your best look while feeling as healthy as possible.

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Whats Included

  • Custom Meal Plan With Exact Foods (Not A Vague Macro Plan)
  • Full Custom Training Programs
  • Training Video Feedback
  • Custom Cardio Plan 
  • Detailed Supplement Plan
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Hormonal Guidance 
  • Discounted Posing Classes
  • 24 or Less Response Time On Text communications
  • Access To Our Community Group And Exclusive Team Discounts
  • Access To All Team Ebooks and Educational videos For Free

Meet The Coaches

IFBB PRO / J3U Graduate

Jarek Crew

Coaching Values:

This is a team effort and will require consistency on your end and mine as well. I understand life can throw curve balls, but we must be able to identify the problem with open communication, find the solutions, and make sure we learn from it so we KEEP GOING no matter what!

Masters Degree Exercise Science / MI40 Gym educator

Alan Murphy

Coaching Values:

Adaptability- I believe wholeheartedly that “The best plan isn’t the one on paper, it’s the one that you can follow and adhere to best”. That being said, we need to lay out a framework for you that is both effective, and sustainable. This means occasionally discussing different exercise options, food choices, or other preferences. It all comes back to communication.

Aaren Hilson

Coaching Values:

I believe that putting fourth our best effort day by day is going to be the key to our success. There are days that even the best of the best have to remind themselves why they are doing what they are doing, sometimes they may fall short. But being mindful of your decisions and continuing to improve upon your daily habits will inevitably lead you to words a healthy lifestyle.


Terrence Ruffin

I’m an IFBB professional Classic Physique athlete, Air Force veteran, two-time Arnold Classic champion, and two-time silver medalist at Mr. Olympia.

I got my pro card while serving in the military by embracing every aspect of the journey. Struggles and all. I believe that a person’s mental health should be at the forefront of their training regimen to make their fitness journey a positive experience they want to hold onto for life.

I’ve spent the last decade competing in bodybuilding competitions worldwide and expanding my knowledge by completing the ISSA Master Trainer Course, Resistance Training Specialization Course, J3 University, and Precision Nutrition. 

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